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TeamViewer Enterprise 9.0.29272 + Crack | 11 mb

TeamViewer 9.0.29272 is software for control, guidance, and repairing computers remotely by connecting two computers with internet. This software is owned by German company “TeamViewer GmbH” Until recently it was only available for purchase, but now you can free download and use it for personal purposes. The user can install and use the software and exchanged passwords, your computers are connected with each other so that a user (active side) Monitor the image around to see the other user to have access Rayaneh of all the content be. With the help of a software program to upload and download large facility is provided. Who Pera server software, firewalls and network address translation (NAT) easily passes.

Performance of this software after installing the software, you will receive a Your ID and Password that you give the profile a person who also, that the software is installed, you can enter your PC and the monitor you are attempting to operate. You Exit this application, the person accessing it from your system, unplug it. Each time you close and open the application, you will receive a new Password if you want your man back into your computer, he can give you a new Password. To use this software, you need fast internet both desirable and arrival, no Download speed is not done to avoid the drop.

It can be dangerous and hack software to be considered? In this application, the entire behavior of the individual entrant makes visible and controllable by the system. Mouse click and move the individual entrant, the owner of the computer is visible at any time, can be achieved by controlling the incoming person, just close the TeamViewer software to expel from your system. Hacker attack the victim does not have any warning or message to the user’s computer through the silence and does not require any authorized user actually can not understand something. Thus, under any circumstances, the performance of this type of software is Hacker attacks and no risk to not use any antivirus also have no problem with it. The only thing to note is that the incoming person, not allowed to modify the settings for your TeamViewer software.

Remote Presentation of Products, Solutions and Services:​

· The second TeamViewer mode allows you to present your desktop to a partner. Show your demos, products and presentations over the Internet within seconds – live from your screen.

File Transfer:​

· TeamViewer comes with integrated file transfer that allows you to copy files and folders from and to a remote partner – which also works behind firewalls

Works behind Firewalls:​

· The major difficulties in using remote control software are firewalls and blocked ports, as well as NAT routing for local IP addresses.

· If you use TeamViewer you don’t have to worry about firewalls: TeamViewer will find a route to your partner.

Highest Security Standard:​

· TeamViewer is a very secure solution. The commercial TeamViewer versions feature completely secure data channels with key exchange and RC4 session encoding, the same security standard used by https/SSL.

No Installation Required:​

· To install TeamViewer no admin rights are required. Just run the software and off you go…

High Performance:​

· Optimized for connections over LANs AND the Internet, TeamViewer features automatic bandwidth-based quality selection for optimized use on any connection.


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